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How To Find The Best Area In Bangkok To Live In

Many people are asking “Which is the best area to live in Bangkok, Thailand?”. The simple answer is, “it depends”.

In which area you should live in in Bangkok all depends on your lifestyle, work, friends and family.

The best area in Bangkok to live in

Before finding any condo or house in Bangkok, the first thing you need to do is figure out what area you would like to live in. For an example, if you have kids, perhaps you should look in the area close to where your kids will go to school. Or maybe you want to be close to your job so look for a condo or house in that area.

How much does it cost to rent a condo in Bangkok?

It all comes down to cost as well. Should you rent a condo in Phrom Phong for 35 000 THB a month or should you rent a condo in Bang Chak for 6000 THB a month which is just 5 stops further away from the Bangkok City Center and just takes approx. 17 minutes?

Go around Bangkok and find out

The best thing you can is to travel to Bangkok and just travel around the city. Get a map, use the BTS Sky Train system and just find a good neighborhood and area that you like and also have the right conveniences for you!

When you have found a great neighborhood that suits your needs and lifestyle and are ready to actually start looking for a condo, read more here on where to find the best condos in Bangkok.

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