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Where To Find SHA Plus Extra Hotels in Thailand

Since Thailand reintroduced Test & Go on February 1, there have been some changes.

As mentioned before, you need an approved Thailand Pass (Read more about how to apply for Thailand Pass here) and now you need a total of 2 hotel nights booked and paid for with a SHA Extra Plus / SHA + Extra / SHA Plus + approved hotel.

What should the hotel booking include?

Day 1 must therefore include hotel night, RT-PCR test and a transfer from the airport when you land. Day 5 should include a hotel night and 1st RT-PCR test.

Remember that you do not need to book a total of 5 nights. If you get a negative test result on your first RT-PCR test, you must leave the hotel and continue on in Thailand. But Day 5, you have to go to your second SHA + Extra hotel for the last RT-PCR test. This must be paid before applying for a Thailand Pass!

We recommend that you book the same hotel for both nights!

At you will find approved SHA + Extra / SHA Plus + hotels that you book for your total of 2 hotel nights in Thailand. After you have selected the date and found a suitable hotel, then when you click on that hotel, you will be forwarded to

Keep in mind the prices per night only apply to “regular hotel nights”. On, click on ‘Filter’ and select ‘Thailand Pass Hotel’, now you get hotels that offer a total service for both Day 1 and Day 5.

More options to book SHA Plus Extra hotels

Another recommendation is to check out Now you will get a lot more hotels where you need to contact the hotel for prices, booking, payment and confirmation to check if they offer Test & Go service.

All hotels are SHA Plus Extra approved but that does not always mean that they offer service for Test & Go travelers. Try to go directly to the hotel’s website where many now offer prices for Test & Go travelers.

You then need to confirm that you pay for Day 1 which includes hotel night, RT-PCR test and transfer and that Day 5 includes hotel night and RT-PCR. You will need this confirmation that it is paid and ready when you apply for your Thailand Pass.

Are you looking for SHA Plus Extra or so-called. SHA Plus + hotels in Bangkok, Pattaya, Koh Samui and Phuket, you’re on the right path to Thailand!

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