Benchasiri Park Benjasiri Park สวนเบญจสิริ

The Best Parks In Bangkok For Leisure And Exercise

Bangkok is the city that never sleeps. It feels like there is always something happening that you want to be part. You got the energy to Bangkok that is unique to the city.

Bangkok is loud and hot and most people love it! What is so nice with Bangkok is that you can go away from that by entering one the many public parks. Depending on what you are looking for, you will find peace, exercise equipment, running lanes, public aerobics, basketball court and even courts for the popular sport Sepak Takraw.

In this post about the best public parks in Bangkok, we have also added great YouTube videos for each park in Bangkok so you can get a better idea of the parks atmosphere (and so you can stop reading blog posts…). There really are some amazing creators in Bangkok so if you like the video, make sure to check out their YouTube channel which is under each video.

1. Benchasiri Park / Benjasiri Park / สวนเบญจสิริ

Benchasiri Park is an absolute favorite among expats and thais. Located by BTS Phrom Phong and between Emporium and Marriott Marquis, Benchasiri Park offers an amazing atmosphere where people enjoy their daily exercise by running, using the outdoor fitness equipment, playing basketball or a match of Takraw.

Benjasiri Park is a 47 000 square meters slice of paradise in the center of Bangkok and offers great facilities for everyone.

The opening hours of the park is 5.00 am to 9.00 p.m. It starts getting busy around 5-6 p.m. when the sun starts going down.

How to get to Benjasiri Park?

You can find a direct link to Google Maps here.


2. Benjakitti Park / Benchakitti Park

Another great park in Bangkok is the Benjakitti Park. Less than a 10 minute walk from Asok BTS station, you will find another large public park with lots of things to do.

Enjoy an evening stroll surrounded by well-maintained gardens or a nice run around the waters edge.

In Benjakitti Park, you can also find skate ramps, kids playground, fountains and great areas for a family picknic.

New to Benjakitti Park is the Forest Park where you now can find amazing wetlands, walkways, rare plants, bicycle paths and even an outdoor amphitheater.

You can even get the to Lumpini Park from Benjakitti Park by a 1,3 km long elevated pedestrian walkway and bicycle trail which is located at the southwest corner of Benjakitti Park.

The opening hours of Benjakitti Park is 4.30 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.

How to get to Benjakitti Park?

You can find a Google Maps link right here.


3. Lumpini Park / Lumphini Park

The famous Lumpini Park is actually one of the largest parks in Bangkok with amazing green spaces and flowers. It’s a whopping 500 000 square meters and you can find some beautiful nature and (scary) giant monitor lizards in the artificial lake.

Same as many of the other great parks in Bangkok, you can find free aerobics class, jogging lanes, outdoor fitness equipment and just a change to enjoy some peace and quiet in the city of Bangkok.

You can get to Lumpini Park by BTS or MRT

If you use the MRT, Silom MRT Station is located right outside the Lumphini Park. If you are on the BTS, you can use both Sala Daeng Station (5 minute walk) or Ratchadamri Station which is a 7 minute walk.

The opening hours of Lumpini Park is 4.30 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.

As mentioned before, you can actually get from Benjakitti Park to Lumphini Park using the 1,3 km walkway, see the video below.


You can find a Google Maps link right here.


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