The Best Airline To Fly With When Visiting Thailand

Airlines are always a hot topic. Which one is the best when you are travelling to Thailand? We have listed 3 of our favorite airlines when it comes to service, comfort and service.

The first place goes to Emirates

The Dubai based airline is such a joy to fly with! When travelling from Europe, you usually have a layover in Dubai for at least 1-2 hours before your journey continues to Bangkok. The modern airplanes and high service level is something that makes Emirates a winner.

Second place goes to Qatar Airways

Having flown with them many times from Europe to Bangkok, the service and staff have always been on point. Together with a layover in Doha, where you got time to streatch your legs, the atmosphere and energy has always been a pleasant journey to be on.

The third place goes to Thai Airways

I have been a massive supporters of Thai Airways and started flying with them a really long time ago. But over the years, they have not really had a change to uppgrade their airplanes and the competition such as Emirates and Qatar with their new and modern airplanes, got a lot more attention also when it comes to pricing. However, the direc flight from Europe to Bangkok with the famous Thai Smile can’t really be beat so we continue to support Thai Airways!

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