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A Short List Of YouTubers In Thailand To Follow

During 2020 and 2021, a lot of new Thailand based YouTubers got more attention since most visitors couldn’t travel to Thailand due to the pandemic so many stayed at home and got their “Thailand-Fix” via YouTube.

There are tons of creators on YouTube that do Thailand Vlogs, travel tips and about Thai food so we have selected a few that we ourselves are fans of. If you think we have missed some, let us know below!

Updated on September 27th, 2022

Mark Wiens on YouTube


For anyone interested in Thai food, the name Mark Wiens will certainly ring a bell. Having arrived in Thailand in 2009, Mark Wiens started his food blog and the now active

Mark Wiens is most famous for his YouTube videos with a whopping 8,46 millions subscribers and 1207 videos, at the time of this post. He travels around the world, eating and exploring but his Thailand videos has a special place in our hearts.

Retired Working For You on YouTube


Another YouTuber that really got our attention is Canadian born Chris Parker. Chris launched his YouTube channel Retired Working For You in 2020 and quickly got 100 000 subscribers in under 10 months. Chris moved to Thailand in 2020 with his wife Haley and daughter after coming to Thailand for the first time 25 years ago. Retired Working For You currently got 217 000 subscribers and 299 videos uploaded to YouTube.

Retired Working For You does great and informative YouTube video where you can pick up a lot valuable information. Also, they do some amazing charity work and helped put a smile on thousands of faces during the pandemic.

Global Travel Mate on YouTube


A YouTube channel that also caught our attention was Global Travel Mate on YouTube. Here you can get a totally new view of Bangkok, from Jeroen’s bicycle. It’s amazing being able to see so many beautiful buildings, the crazy traffic and you can almost feel the energy in Bangkok. Also, Jeroen and his wife owns Sukhumvit Homes which is a high-end real estate agency.

Get to know Bangkok’s crazy car scene with CB Media


Learn more and explore Bangkok’s crazy car scene if you love cars and beautiful women, then CB Media is something for you. US born Chad Burdette got an awesome YouTube channel where he tours you around shops that customizes cars, visits car shows and of course, talks to the beautiful “pretties” at the car shows. He also get some amazing content when just walking around Bangkok and exploring. CB Media is an easy going and colorful channel to watch!

Paddy Doyle on YouTube


Paddy Doyle is a Thailand based YouTuber and his YouTube channel was launched Jan 10th 2021. In the first series, Paddy drove is Honda “Dreamy” Dream around all 77 provinces in Thailand. He got a really nice editing style and the views from the motorbike is amazing and you get a real feeling for the environment.

Idea Studio Bangkok on YouTube


Dana, together with his wife Jib, got the Idea Studio Bangkok YouTube channel. You got a variety of different topics but they are all focused on Bangkok. You can enjoy some funny livestreams and awesome videos when they explore Bangkok. Get some great information before coming to Bangkok and you will hit the ground running.

Mickey Stotch on YouTube


Mickey Stotch is another popular YouTuber that is based in Thailand. His YouTube channel bearing his name, is an easy going channel with lots of valuable information that you can pick up. Russian native Mickey, tours you around Thailand on his motorbike and recently, has gotten into a lot Bangkok condo tours, where to eat, what to do and so much more information.

Keis One on YouTube


Adam or “Keis” is an Australian born YouTuber who is based in Bangkok. With his unique and funky style, you are guaranteed to both learn something about Thailand and be amused when he falls down whilst skateboarding. With his constant smile and motto “Good Vibes Only”, Keis is an awesome person to follow!

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