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How To Travel To Thailand – Thailand Pass + Test & Go

So you are ready to travel to Thailand in 2022 but feels like there is to much handle? Not to worry, it’s actually quite simple if we just break it down into small steps.

What do you need to get a Thailand Pass:

  1. Passport and Visa (if required)
  2. Certificate of Vaccination
  3. Insurance with minimum coverage of 50,000 USD for medical expenses (not required for Thai nationals / foreign residents in Thailand can use social security or certificate from their employer)
  4. Paid Reservation Confirmation from SHA Extra+ / SHA++ for 2 nights (Day 1 and Day 5)

– Day 1 hotel reservation and fee for 1st RT-PCR test and airport transfer.

– Day 5 hotel reservation and fee for 2nd RT-PCR test.

Before your departure, you also need a negative RT-PCR test made within 72 hours before landing in Thailand.

Firstly, book your flight. You need to have a booked airplane ticket to be able to apply for a Thailand Pass. Note that we would recommend that you need at least 14 working days before your departure after you made the booking to Thailand.

Together with the first point, you also need to book a SHA+ Extra approved hotel for your mandatory RT-PCR test on Day and Day 5, more on that below. You can find a selection of these SHA+ Extra hotels here. You can then contact them, make a reservation and payment. You will need this for your Thailand Pass application.

Secondly, get an health insurance with a minium cover of 50 000 USD. The specified about needs to written out on the actual policy.

You are now ready to apply for a Thailand Pass.

1) Go to and follow the instructions. You can choose from Test & Go, Sandbox or Alternative Quarantine.

2) Fill in all the forms and attached asked documents.

The processing time for a Thailand Pass is around 3-7 days. It is recommended by the Thai government to apply at least 7 days prior to departure but do it as soon as possible.

How it works after you land in Bangkok, Thailand

Your SHA+ Extra approved hotel will pick you up at the airport. They will transfer you to the hotel where the first RT-PCR will take place. You will usually get the results the morning after. If it comes back negative, you are now free to roam Thailand… for a while.

However, from the 1st of February 2022, the Thai government implemented a second mandatory RT-PCR test to be done on Day 5 in Thailand. Since you have already booked this before arriving in Thailand, you simply get a second RT-PCR test done at your pre-booked hotel. If this also comes back with a negative result, you are now free from doing any more mandatory RT-PCR tests while you are staying in Thailand.

You need 2 nights with a SHA+ Extra hotel that is booked and paid for

As mentioned before, you need to have book and paid for your SHA+ Extra accommodation before you enter Thailand. The Thai government has put at lot of responsibility on the hotels to confirm your booking before they approve your Thailand Pass. That being said, we recommend that you book your SHA+ Extra hotel directly with the hotel and use the same hotel for both tests. You can use two different hotel bookings for the test on Day 1 and Day 5 but it is highly recommended that you book the same hotel.

How long does it take to get a Thailand Pass?

After you submitted your Thailand Pass application, the staff at your SHA+ Extra hotel will need to confirm your booking and payment. This is why you should book both tests at the same hotel. After they have confirmed your reservation, your application will be sent to the Department of Disease Control (DDC) for confirmation regarding insurance, vaccination etc.

If everything is in order, you will get a Thailand Pass QR Code sent to your e-mail within 7 days. This QR Code is something that you need to show when boarding your flight to Thailand.

When you get your Thailand Pass QR Code sent to your email, you can now be sure that you are on your way to Thailand!

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