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How To Find And Rent A Condo In Bangkok

Say you are planning to rent a condo in Bangkok for at least a year, what should you look for when it comes to condos in Bangkok?

Bangkok is such a fun place to be looking for condos. You have prices ranging from 6000 THB a month to hundreds of thousands baht a month. A “standard” and most common condo is a condo that is around 35 square meters that has a pool, gym and some other amenities which range from around 12-20 000 THB per month.

Where can you find condos for rent in Bangkok

Finding condos for rent in Bangkok is really easy since there is such a massive selection.

When it comes to websites, we can recommend:


All the websites above have apartments and house both for rent and for sale.

Also, Thailand really loves Facebook so there are some great Facebook groups you can join such as:

  • Bangkok – Lease Takeover-Short term Rentals-Pet Friendly-Space sharing
  • House/Condo/Land/Apartment Buy/Sell/Rent In Bangkok

You can also find a lot of condos being offered for rent on Facebook Marketplace by individuals.

Thailand and becoming a realtor

Thailand does not require any person or company to have a realtor license so basically any Thai person can rent out any accommodation. That’s way you see so many different “realtors” in Thailand.

You do not pay any realtor fee in Thailand when you rent a condo, unlike for an example the UAE. The agent gets paid by the landlord and/or the owner of the property.

There are such a large selection of condos, apartments and houses for rent and sale in Bangkok and around Thailand but there are also many “realtors” in Thailand. This means that you can sometimes see the same listing, with the same pictures being offered by two different companies with two different prices.

You usually have to sign up for a least one year with a 2 month deposit when you rent a condo in Bangkok but you can also find short-term contracts with an extra monthly cost of about 2-3000 THB.

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