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Get To Know Bangkok With Podcasts

Podcasts are certainly getting more and more popular and is a big part of many peoples everyday life.

We recommend that you learn as much as possible about Bangkok before your visit or before you are moving to Bangkok.

A great way to this is through Podcasts. Instead of reading a bunch of information (like this), you can listen to a podcast about Bangkok whenever you feel like it.

Listen to The Bangkok Podcast


The number one podcast about expat life and life in Bangkok is the Bangkok Podcast with Greg Jorgensen and Ed Knuth. The Bangkok Podcast talks about expat life, life in Bangkok and around Thailand and they also invites some really cool and informative guests.

This podcast started way back in 2010 by Greg and his buddy Tony Joh. They worked together on the Bangkok Podcast until 2013, doing 77 episodes.

The Bangkok Podcast was back teaching us about Bangkok life in 2016 and you could now hear Mr. Jorgensen and his new co-host Evo Terra (Who is also know as the OG Podcaster…).

We suggest to that you add Greg and Ed’s podcast The Bangkok Podcast to your playlist and learn from years of experience on what do to and especially, what not to do.

Another great one is the Talk Travel Asia Podcast


Another great podcast is Talk Travel Asia Podcast with Scott Coates and Trevor Ranges. They both arrived in Asia and Thailand in the late 1990s and got some great episodes. The Talk Travel Asia Podcast focuses more on different countries in Asia but they do got great and informative shows that includes a lot of talk about Bangkok and Asia in general.

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