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Get Started in Bangkok With The Bangkok Starter Kit

Like any new city you are planning to visit or move to, there is a certain learning curve that takes time to learn.

But if you have made the decision to move to Bangkok or perhaps spending a month or two in Thailand, what do you need?

We have made something called the Bangkok Starter Kit. This is a few basic things you will need when you have landed in Bangkok.

The most important things when you got boots on the ground in Bangkok is:

1) Sim Card
2) BTS Sky Train Rabbit Card
3) Bank Account
4) Accommodation

How to get a sim card in Thailand

Let’s start with the first point, simcard. This is really easy and you can even get this sorted at the airport. You can choose from a varity of different mobile providers such as AIS, True and Dtac. Which one you choose is really up to you and your needs.

For an example, you get a sim card with unlimited data for around 375 THB per month. Don’t forget to bring your passport when getting a new sim card.

Go almost anywhere with the BTS Sky Train in Bangkok


The second thing is BTS Sky Train Card. The Sky Train in Bangkok, also called the BTS, is such a good way of transportation since Bangkok traffic can get really heavy and it takes a long time to get any where. Go the nearst BTS Station and get a card. Charge with about 800 THB and pay a fee and you are good to go. Also, you can even use your BTS Rabbit card in ceratin eateries which is a really neat feature.

Let’s open a bank account in Bangkok

This might not be so easy for all visitors. Due to new regulations since about 6 years back, some banks do not let you open a bank account on a tourist visa but some banks do let you open account on a tourst if you have a long-term contract for a condo. So this one is a bit tricky. The best thing you can is just walk to the different banks in Thailand listed, such as Siam Commerical Bank (SCB), Kasikorn Bank, The Bank of Thailand, Bangkok Bank, TMB Bank and Krungthai Bank

Get a short or long-term lease for a condo or house in Bangkok

The last point is accommodation. If you are staying for a at least a month, it usually makes most sense to rent a condo in Bangkok which you can read more about here where to talk about renting an apartment, condo or house in Bangkok.

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